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The VIVO system is the result of many months of work by Sprzeteventowy.pl – a team of event industry experts and the 3D-nano research and development laboratory, which, based on a series of analyses and research, has prepared an innovative technology that is one step further than disinfection solutions available on the market.


The COVID-19 pandemic is not slowing down. Together with us, guarantee safety for yourself, your employees, clients, students, patients and participants of events. VIVO Gate will comprehensively carry out a 360° disinfection process in just 8 seconds, which will eliminate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria on the surface of the body and clothing. It is an effective coronavirus blockade for your space, without any involvement of people passing through the gate.

VIVO is an innovative technology combining the scientifically proven disinfecting properties of hydrogen peroxide and ceramic materials (zinc oxide) supported by silver nanoparticles in the form of a dry mist. Unlike chlorine-based solutions available on the market, it is odourless, non-invasive and imperceptible, and at the same time completely safe, also for allergy sufferers, children, the elderly and animals. But most of all it is effective. One drop of the liquid contains over 350 billion biocidal active molecules.

But that’s not all! The structure of VIVO Gate is made of high-grade stainless steel and tempered glass, ensuring long-term preservation of extraordinary quality and aesthetics of the product, thanks to which it will perfectly fit into the elegant interiors of hotels, office buildings, places of culture and events. We also offer the possibility of personalising the gate so that it fits your space as well as possible.

company headquarters and workplaces

shopping centres and malls

gyms and sports facilities

office buildings and coworking spaces

places of culture and events

clinics and hospitals

schools and universities

hotels and tourist facilities

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The tanks are sufficient for 8 hours of continuous operation. Within an hour, it can carry out over 300 360° disinfection processes.


Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the body and clothing surfaces in 8 seconds.


The certified VIVO fluid with a safe concentration of active substances is 100% safe for children, the elderly, allergy sufferers and animals.


Thanks to the particle size not exceeding 3 micrometers, the dry mist does not condense, so it neither wets nor damages clothes.


Precious stainless steel and tempered glass ensure a stable and durable structure.


Full automation, ease of use and maintenance of cleanliness, contactless operation and disinfection without the involvement of people passing through the gate.


The quality and aesthetics of VIVO Gate make it possible to use it in the most demanding interiors. Additional possibility of product personalisation.


The system is available through purchase as well as short- and long-term rental. We also offer attractive conditions for distributors.


We provide transport, assembly, warranty service, training and delivery of the VIVO fluid.


 The Vivo product was created as a result of scientific research, the result of which is the development of a unique combination of substances with proven properties that annihilate pathogens.

The base of the product is hydrogen peroxide, which in itself is an effective disinfectant, but to support its operation, an innovative material in the form of silver nanoparticles deposited on submicrometric zinc oxide grains was included.

The resulting colloidal solution passed the registration procedure at the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products (license no. 1866/TP/2020)

The incoming person triggers an optical sensor, which starts the decontamination cycle
The decontamination process takes 8 seconds. The screen shows the countdown
As soon as the person leaves, the system is ready for the next cycle
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1st STEP

rent a VIVO Gate or order a gate for yourself

2nd STEP

indicate where our team is to deliver and install the system.

3rd STEP

you will receive the necessary knowledge of the gate operation and use.

4th STEP

In case of problems, we guarantee service and telephone support



Gate width 120 cm, depth 100 cm, height 210 cm. Gate with stations 210 cm wide, 100 cm deep, 210 cm high

Input sensor

optical between the gate posts

Refilling the fluid

thanks to the use of a peristaltic pump, replacement of the base 5l containers takes place without the need to decant, signal of the need to refill the fluid at 10% thanks to the use of the scales.


VIVO, license number for trade in biocide 1865/TP/2020

Stations generating dry fog

2 independent stations for each side, connected to the common management system

Dry fog generators



none outside, only reflux to the base container with the liquid, inside the dry mist distribution pipes

Shoe disinfection


Adaptation to the needs of the disabled



heavy duty non-slip feet with the possibility of levelling

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Do you want to buy or rent a VIVO Gate for your event or for a longer period?

Are you interested in delivery of the VIVO disinfectant?

Krzysztof Wiewióra

Łukasz Gliszczyński

Production: the entire production of the device in Poland in the 3D-nano research and development laboratory, production of the fluid in the controlled laboratory conditions of the 3D-nano laboratory

Warranty: manufacturer, 3D-nano laboratory

Distribution and rental: Sprzeteventowy.pl


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